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Home to their pristine red angus herd, Heritage Hill produces only the highest-quality, nutrient-dense beef utilizing sustainable farming practices. Their beef is hormone, anti-biotic, and steroid free and they are dedicated to utilizing only the most humane practices. Their cattle are raised in a stress-free environment, and are pasture-raised and grain finished on the highest quality feed. Their beef is beef you can feel good about serving to your family.


Committed to quality, all of Heritage Hill’s animals are born and raised on their farm, as they practice what is known as “close herding.” This means no off-site animals are brought in to be raised. All of their animals are bred by their bull, to their cows or heifers, preserving the integrity of their herd. With calving dates carefully spaced at every three months, the farm’s walk-in freezer always offers freshly processed and frozen beef, in whole- or half-beef cuts.



In the heart of Kinsman, a small town nestled in Northeast Ohio’s farmland, Heritage Hill Farm embodies the spirit of the great American family farm. Rich in experience and love for the art of raising livestock, they breed with both expertise and dedication. 


Founded a quarter century ago by Dick and Rhonda Thompson, it is now led by Dick’s son Chad and wife Lacey. Heritage Hill has evolved into a 170-acres of preserved land where on any given day, you‘ll find Dick on the tractor, his son and grandsons working in the field, Lacey managing the offices, and his granddaughters feeding. With Heritage Hill, you can have “faith in the farmer,” as they practice the patience and complexities required to cultivate a superior product, with a profound depth of flavor.   


Home to their pristine red angus herd, Heritage Hill believes breed is no guarantee for excellence, which is why their process is a jigsaw of experience, science, environment and passion, resulting in a trusted source. There animals are raised naturally without antibiotics, steroids or hormones. In addition, they practice closed herding, ensuring  providence, traceability, and peace of mind. 


From their farm, to your table, Heritage Hill makes purchasing beef seamless, providing the opportunity for you to experience the difference in taste and health benefits. They’ll guide you through processing and packaging, and allow you to enjoy every cut of beef no matter how humble.


Quite simply, Heritage Hill Farm is not just a business, but a legacy of ideals, putting good practices and integrity before profit, and seeking to create a better future for beef. We invite you to experience what this means to us, and what it will mean for your family. 


With calving dates carefully spaced at monthly intervals, production is spread out so that the farm’s walk-in freezer always offers freshly processed retail cuts and ground beef packages ready for your grill.

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